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The Most Important care tips:

Keep the board clean. This can be accomplished by washing the board surface with a quality dish detergent, rinsing, & drying all surfaces immediately. Do not soak in the sink or place in the dishwasher.

Keep the board well-oiled with drug store Mineral oil. Mineral Oil is clear, odorless, and tasteless and is FDA approved for food contact. Do not use olive, fruit, vegetable or oils from animal fats. End-grain boards require double the amount of oil as flat grain and edge grain boards. How often should be board be oiled? A rule of thumb is once a week for three weeks, and then once a month for 6 months. Then whenever the surface appears lighter in color and are drying out. YOU CAN NOT OVER OIL YOUR BOARD!

All surface will show scratch marks when the blade goes across the grain, but the hardwood will not splinter like soft woods. Should the surface appear rough it is usually from too much moisture which is causing the grain to raise. You can use 220+ sandpaper, sanding with the grain. To prolong the life of your board or to repair end checks caused by too much too much water or the end fibers drying out, simply take a small block of hard beeswax, rub the wax at an angle across end checks and then wax the ends of the boards and massage the wax into the board with your fingers.

Your cutting board/chopping block is made from solid Domestic Hardwood. It has been treated with pure 100% drug store grade Mineral Oil. It is laminated with a non-toxic, water-resistant glue. All boards continue to expand and contract and surfaces will dry out in not treated. End Grain: Boards that start off flat grain panels which are then ripped across the wide grain whose thickness is determined by the thickness of the board and then the faces are glued together, therefore exposing the ends of the boards, giving it the checkerboard look. This is a great cutting surface as the knife blade cuts into the end fibers, minimizing cut marks and splintering and does not dull the knife blade.


Q: How do I store my cutting board?

A: Store your wood cutting board on end to dry if it is damp. If it is already dry, store flat in a dry area away from extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Q: How do I rid my cutting board of onion and garlic odors?

A: Lemon or lime juice with a little salt will go a long way to reducing odor. Sprinkle your cutting board with salt. Cut the lemon or lime and use it to rub the salt onto the board, squeezing juice onto the board as you go. Let sit for 2-3 mins. And then wipe clean with a damp cloth. Let the board air dry by standing it on its end.

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